Blog Week of 1-28-2019

Quote of the Week 1-28-2019

“Defeat your enemies with success.”

As most of you already know we had an AMAZING week and an even better January full of lots of exciting news and positive vibes.  I am so lucky to have all your support- thank you. Recently my younger brother (19 years old) got a great job as a union carpenter and has been asking me a lot about entrepreneurship and the business in general.  This week I thought it would be fun to switch up the format a bit and just publish our conversation- hopefully it will give you guys some insight into what an amazing journey this has been for me. These are the answers to the questions him and his friends texted me throughout the week (fair warning there is some colorful language I literally just copy and pasted text then corrected grammar!)

“How do you deal with the constant pressure of owning a business?  Feels like everyday your running around putting out fires. Can you really do it all alone?”

I am 100% not alone.  I have the greatest community and the best help imaginable.  Sure it’s just my name on the lease but I get to wake up everyday knowing I have amazing people that want to see me win.

“But what about a steady paycheck?”

Man there are no sure things.  We are all in charge of our own fate.  I watched Dad work for the state for 20 years and then on a random Tuesday get laid off (thank God he had his own consulting business) ask yourself how safe is that?  I’d rather know my hard work is directly related to my success and not my bosses.

“You ever think about doing like a big deal or discount to get people in the door for the new year?”

Imagine your coach telling you that the product you have been paying $150 for is now worth 10% of that or some other ridiculous discount just because it’s January.  My goal is to deliver significantly more training value then the cash value I receive every day. I’m not here to devalue something I work so hard for just because the earth took another trip around the sun.

“What about all the other gyms popping up… they are doing it… people will go to them!”

That is the greatest favor they can do for me!  Let other gyms market to people who think $10 a month is the price point.  I don’t want those members. My members shop based on coaching, programming, and community not on location or price point.  Let those gyms weed those people out. CrossFit 631 Red Woods is the best of the best and there is no reason anyone should think that doesn’t come at a premium.  You get what you pay for- this is nothing radical, I certainly didn’t make this up. So when you walk into a gym with a low price tag you can reasonably expect low value added.  Of course there is a place for this and I am not knocking anyone’s approach to fitness. I give anyone that is making any step toward fitness lots of respect.

“What about the contracts…I know some of my friends would join for like a month or few weeks but they are worried about contracts.”

I only want to train people that are 100% ALL IN and committed to change now.  I feel like the universe is pulling me out of bed every morning to get to the gym and train the clients I have and it’s the most rewarding feeling ever.  Again, I really do consider us the best and I am at the point where I can be picky about who I train. I want to train my athletes for the next 10 years not the next 10 weeks.  I’m in this for the long haul and want athletes who share that perspective.

“Would you ever open another spot again?”

Hell no.  This is my baby- it’s the culmination of a lot of my hard work and it’s literally all me- all my personality and humor is reflected in the community.  I’ll never be hands off again. This is not a franchise you NEED passion and that passion needs to be present at all times.

“You think you could make more money at a regular gym?  Like CrossFit is such a small little segment not everyone wants to do it right?

Yes and that’s the point!  CrossFit is DIFFERENT! CrossFitters are different.  We train different, we talk different, we party different.  This is not a high volume, hands off, don’t know your name business.  My coaches and I know everyones values, goals, and bottlenecks. We work daily to address them all.  These people are not just numbers they are the community.

“Just knowing what you’ve put up with it feels like you been screwed over a bunch doesn’t that always p*ss you off.”

Ha! I’m certainly not Buddha or Gandhi or whatever so yea there’s some times when I look back and get frustrated- but not at anyone else.  I really believe in extreme ownership. Anything I got myself into was all on me. I am where I am because I allowed myself to be here. Same thing goes with fitness man it’s like I can squat xxx or do xxx pull-ups or whatever because that’s exactly how many I trained myself to be able to do.  I’m the exact body fat I should be, my muscles are as big or as small as I let them be- it’s nobody else’s fault or responsibility but mine. So yea, business wise I should’ve done some things sooner or let some people go sooner or not join at all but in the end everything happened perfectly to allow this place to be the amazing spot it is.  Someone said to me the other day that “the air just feels different here” now that is the positivity you get when you take extreme ownership of a place.

“What was the last thing you did at the gym that you consider really amazing?”

Bro every day, like literally every single day is amazing.  This is just this week! I resigned my lease this week, I paid my affiliate fee in full, cash this week, I had a great conversation with an athlete that’s been shadowing me to become a coach this week.  I watched this kid grow up in my gym and now he’s going to be a coach- he spent his birthday at the gym. Think about that man- there is nowhere else this kid would rather be than at my gym on his birthday.  That’s amazing!


This week we test out our new 1RM get ready!  



15 minutes establish 1RM

Strict Press


3 Rounds

1 Minute each station



Box Jumps




15 minutes establish 1RM

Back Squat



400m Run

30 Air Squats

20 MBC

10 Wallballs


15 minutes establish 1RM

Weighted Strict Pull-up


1000m Row

50 Sit-ups

30 Pull-ups

20 KTE

10 Burpee-T2B



15 minutes establish 1RM

Bench Press



10 Push-ups

10 DB Hang Cleans

10 DB Push Press (35#/20#)



15 minutes establish 1RM




DB Clusters (50#/35#)

Strict Ring Dips

Devils Press