Blog Week 3-30-2020

Quote of the Week 3-30-2020

“You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying.  What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.”


First and foremost I want to offer everyone a heartfelt and genuine thank you.  Thank you for all your comments, all your emails, all the DMs, and all the support for myself, my business, and my family.  It truly means the world to me. We have been a Community for a decade now and my promise to you is that I will do everything in my power to ensure many, MANY good years to come.  A lot of gyms won’t survive this. We will. We will be stronger than ever. We are all 631 STRONG!  

Secondly, I have it on fairly good authority that April will bring back business as usual.  This is of course, entirely contingent upon how closely we adhere to social distancing. Let’s all be responsible and take this thing seriously so we can get back in the gym where we belong. 

Finally, I must admit that I am going a bit stir crazy!  This has given me an incredible insight into how much I love Coaching and how much the Community contributes to my mental health.  I am sure you too have a greater appreciation for what the gym does for all of our sanity. I must also admit that these dumbbell workouts have been KICKING MY BUTT!  Keep moving, stay active, involve the family, and HANG IN THERE!


Keep logging those scores guys- I see you!  Keep the posts happening and using the #631athome.  Times like these really remind me just how strong a Community we have.  My product has never been bumper plates or barbells. My product is the shared mentality of like minded individuals moving together in the intelligent and fun pursuit of fitness.  Being a member of this Community means you get world class Coaching, the best programming out there, and strong and meaningful fellowship. We can still share all these things without a brick and mortar building.  I’ve moved the gym six times in five different locations- the walls aren’t important, it’s the shared values inside them that matter. Let’s all keep adding to this product no matter what our circumstances bring.  

In my never ending effort to bring our Community together even more I will be offering virtual classes every weekday through Zoom.  At 5 pm we can all get together to do the WOD or just look on while others hit it. I will be offering Coaching during this hour so if you have any questions about the programming or just want to chat I am available.  We will also be having some fun with this and you may see a guest Coach or two…more on this in our daily emails. Of course, we will still provide daily lesson plans and movement demos on our Instagram page.  


This week will be full of bangers guys!  We can look forward to some longer duration and really taxing WODs.  The Strength will be all Tabata sets- 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 total sets.  Within that 20 seconds try to get as many reps as possible. The score that you will log will be your LOWEST set.  So if you get 25 reps for your first set, but only 2 for your last…your score is 2.




8 Tabata Sets

DB Squat Clean




DB Goblet Lunges

DB TGU Starts



8 Tabata Sets

1 Arm DB Floor Press


4 Rounds

400m Run


20 Single Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerk



8 Tabata Sets

1 Arm DB Row



10 Burpees

10 Alt DB Snatch

10 Single DB Power Clean to Front Rack

10 Renegade Rows



8 Tabata Sets

DB Thruster


3 Rounds

30 1 Arm Devils Press

30 DB Thruster

30 DB Step-ups



8 Tabata Sets

Single Arm DB Jerk



5 Rounds

80 Doubles

40 Sit-ups

20 Push-ups

10 Reverse Burpees